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This oil massage technique utilizes the circulatory system to promote relaxation and removal of wastes and toxins. Its effects are also good for  joints, skin, breathing and the nervous system. It is an excellent way to reduce stress and improve your overall health.



Sports massage includes myofascial release, deep tissue manipulation, vigorous kneading and stretching applied to muscle groups specific to the sport played. It is used to reduce muscle soreness and recovery time as well as prevent injuries for athletes of all levels.



Medical massage is the use of assessment and evaluation to design a protocol for treating a specific condition or diagnosis. Various techniques such as myofascial relese, deep tissue, Swedish are applied to achive the desired outcome.



Performed through clothes on or directly on the skin without oil, this type of massage aims to harmonize your energy system. The massage therapist focuses on the meridians and acupuncture points using pressure from the thumb, fingers, palms and elbows and sometimes even the feet. Stretching and range of motion are also used to aid the release of stagnant energy. It is particularly helpful to those who work their bodies hard. This approach also is perfect to recover from jet lag.



Reflexology is based on the premise that each organ, system and gland is mirrored on the feet (hands and ears). Applying various pressure techniques to these specific reflex areas, using thumbs and fingers, helps to restore balance by promoting stress reduction, improving circulation and facilitating detoxification.

Rates  New Client Rate    $75.00 / 60 Min     $100.00 / 90 Min Standard Rate       $80.00 / 60 Min     $110.00 / 90 Min

Loyalty Discounts:  5 Pack* (5% off) / 10 Pack* (10% off)


Cancellation policy requires 24 hours notice to avoid fees.

Rates are subject to change without notice.


* to be paid in full upfront

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